M-9 Motorway

M-9 Motorway:

A BOT type motorway project consisting of 134 km dual carriageway incl 3x addl lanes at both bounds, Toll Plazas, Interchanges, brs & culverts.The project will reduce the distance / travelling between Kci & Hyderabad & can provide a fast, slow & Med lane track for easy access. Both city will be stretched with this carriageway in economical & business prospective. The network of motorway is in of national interest because of law & order situation & Agri/economical growth of Sindh. The project is in full swing of progress and can be completed next year.

The motorway is being constructed by the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and Think Transportation is appointed as the Traffic Consultant for this Motorway. M-9 is up gradation of existing Super Highway by adding extra lane on each side and complete re-carpeting of super highway. However the standard of M-9 is not up to the mark. The M9 motorway started deteriorating as it was unable to stand the regular heavy traffic - resulting in unevenness on the road surface.

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