CEO Message


FWO's Motto "Striving for Excellence" demands unrelenting struggle and movement towards new peaks of engineering competencies. This being the spirit and main driving force behind FWO, it is bound to achieve new level of professional excellence.

Frontier Works Organization with over 51 years of service excellence in hand, has to its credit legendary achievements in national building. Over these years, FWO has worked in diversified fields to especially include development of communication infrastructure like construction of most of the Motorways & Strategic Road Networks (MSRN) towards a prosperous and progressive Pakistan.

As usual, FWO has taken another lead role to indigenously transform the most significant M2 Motorway of the country into PAKISTAN'S FIRST SMART MOTORWAY. The ultimate success of this project has not only opened the new horizons of smart technologies to intelligently manage our existing and other upcoming Motorways but at the same time it will bring FWO managed motorways in parallel with several other Smart Motorways of the most advanced countries of the world.

Major General Inam Haider Malik

Director General Frontier Works Organization

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