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Smart Motorway is an intelligently managed motorway. It uses state of the art technology to actively manage and ensure the smooth flow of traffic through out 24/7 in complete 360 days of a year. The technology is controlled from Toll Plazas Traffic Control Centers (TPTCC) and Regional Traffic Control Centers (RTCC) established in various sections of the motorway. These control centers monitor traffic carefully as per similar analogy of Air Traffic Control (ATC) to efficiently regulate smooth and free flow of traffic with best possible ground deployment and an active use of all essential components of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

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Smart App

Smart App


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Low Balance & Transactional Alerts


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Intelligent Transport System

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Fire Brigade

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What speed limit is followed on Smart Motorways?

    Speed Limits Signs and Variable Message Signs (VMS) are placed at specific intervals on Smart Motorways. While driving on smart motorway, you are required to fully comply with information displayed on these signs, variable mandatory speed limits as well as ensured proper lane discipline. 

    How do I know my M-Tag ID?

    Users can find out their MTAG ID’s registered against their CNIC

    Check M-TAG ID by SMS
    Type Mtag (space) 13 digits CNIC and send to 9909. e.g Mtag 3740512345678

    How do I know the balance available in my M-Tag?

    Smart Motorways provide various M-Tag transactional alerts either when you are driving or planning to drive on a motorway. These alerts are designed to keep you updated about your M-Tag account and current operational state of motorway.

    • Check M-TAG Balance by SMS
      Type Balance (space) 8 digits MTAG ID and send to 9909. e.g Balance 12345678
    How can I know if my M-Tag account has low balance?

    In order to keep our M-Tag commuters well informed about state of their current available balance in their M-Tag accounts, an auto generated low balance alert will be send to them so that they may not face any inconvenience and also get high priority handling when planning to drive on the motorway. 

    How can I recharge my M-Tag account?

    We offer several different ways to recharge the M-Tag account which include:

    • Customer Care Center Recharge
    • Drive Through Recharge
    • Smart Motorway App Recharge
    • Scratch Card Recharge
    • Jazz Cash Account Recharge
    • Easy Paisa Account Recharge
    • Credit/Debit Card Recharge ( Internet Payment Gateway/IPG )
    • 75000 Jazz Cash/Easypaisa Outlets Recharge